All things have a certain difficulty and challenge to them, be it mowing your overgrown lawn or running a large, powerful business. “All things are difficult before they are easy.” This is a simple, almost self-explanatory, phrase.

Everything is difficult when you first start doing it. Things get easier over time. When you first start working for a job, you may have little knowledge of how to perform that specific job. If you get hired at McDonald’s you are more than likely going to have no idea how to work the cash register or any of the fancy equipment in the back. An instructor is assigned to you and shows you how to perform all of these jobs, or the specific job you are assigned to. At first these jobs will be hard and confusing for you. However, as time passes and you become more accustomed to your job, it will become much easier to understand and perform.

When a job becomes easier for you to perform you are on your way to mastering that job. When you master that job you will know about every little secret and the most efficient way to get that job done. With more knowledge of the job, it gets much easier to perform. You waste less time while improving the product or service you are offering.

A blacksmith is more likely to be hired over his competitors if he has mastered his trade and knows how to create what is demanded by his customers faster than his competition. A beginning blacksmith is less likely to get hired because he has less experience and might botch his work. A master blacksmith has experience and has secrets on his trade over the beginner.

All things are difficult before they are easy because of the difference in experience. A job is more difficult when you have less knowledge and experience and easier when you do have these things.