It seems that these days Americans have become less patriotic. Americans are defecating on the United States of America’s national flag, supporting and joining terrorist groups, and they are destroying traditional values that our forefathers had created for us.

Patriot’s Day is in remembrance of the victory in the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. People today do not think twice about the freedoms and rights that our ancestors fought so hard for. We should celebrate this day in honor of those who fought and died for the freedom and independence that we have today. We should thank those who are currently serving in the military and overseas fighting in wars.

Constitution Day, or Citizenship Day, is the day that the United States of America adopted the United States Constitution. The constitution was mainly written by James Madison, one of our founding fathers. We celebrate this day in remembrance of the birth of our government.

Americans need to remember why the United States of America is so great and how it came to be that way. We can not tell our children or grandchildren about the history of our amazing country if not a single person remembers the history of it. Who will tell them that our ancestors fought off their oppressors and turned a large piece of land into a worldly powerhouse.

If the American people are no longer patriotic, there will be no reason for the United States of America to fight for others because there would be nobody fighting for them. The United States has enemies but the American people should not be rattled by the scrapes and bruises that they give us and be able to dust the dirt off of our shoulders. We need to celebrate these important patriotic days to preserve the American freedom and the American dream.