Science Fair 2016


Doctors and researchers have discovered breakthroughs about phantom sensations, what causes them, and how to prevent them. This project demonstrates the causes and effects of phantom sensations. The procedure for creating phantom sensations were tested on different test subjects to recreate the effects. My hypothesis is that the effects of phantom sensations can be replicated by tricking the brain through optical illusion. The results of my experiment supported my hypothesis by showing most of the desired effects.



My question is how does what you see with your eyes affect what you experience in other parts of your body.



If mirrors are used correctly, then phantom sensations will occur in the test subjects.




  1. One full-body mirror


  1. At least two test subjects




  1. Set up the mirror so that the subject can stand against one edge of it with half of their body towards the reflective side and the other half of their body towards the back of the mirror


  1. The subject should be able to see one half of themselves in the reflection, giving the illusion of a whole body.


  1. Allow the subject time to play with their reflection. They should feel the reflection acting as their other half.


  1. Stimulate various parts of the subject’s body such as tapping the knee with a hammer or moving their feet up and down on the carpet.



Both subjects that were tested reported feelings of phantom sensations. After five minutes of standing next to the mirror, they reported that the reflection felt “under their control.” After moving their feet, the subjects reported the feeling that their other foot was moving as well, although it remained stationary behind the mirror. When lifting the leg facing the mirror, the subjects reported feelings of floating and unbalance. Feelings of sensation were faint between the subjects or not present at all.



My results support my conclusion. Both subjects experienced phantom sensations. They did not, however, experience certain sensations, such as pain, as much as sensations of touch.


Future Direction

Understanding what causes and how to prevent phantom sensations can drastically improve physical and mental recovery of patients. Phantom sensations are more than often accompanied by intense pain. Understanding how to eliminate this feeling and pain could save amputees months, if not years, of recovery time.


Background Research

Phantom sensations, or phantom limbs, are he sensations that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts. Phantom limbs can include internal as well as external organs. Approximately 60 to 80 percent of amputees experience phantom sensations in their amputated limb; the majority of which being painful. These sensations do not only occur in humans but animals as well. These phantom sensations are neurological disorders not psychological. They occur because of abnormalities or damage in the nerves of remaining limbs.

Phantom Sensations

Phantom Sensations
Phantom Sensations


As the school year comes to a close….

I can’t wait for Summer!!!!!!!  LOL!!  Yeah, as I finish up my Junior year in High school I can’t believe how this year has flown by!  It seems to have just disappeared into thin air. My mom keeps telling me to enjoy every moment because one day I will look back and realize that these are the “good old days” as they say.


I know she’s right. Of course she is, she’s my mom.  This is the last week of school before I start my senior year next year.  Yesterday our class, which goes from 7th grade up through High School, went to Pine Island for the day.  Here’s a picture of me & my friends.

Pine Island Junior Year
Pine Island Junior Year

I’m not sure what next year holds for me but I am looking forward to it.  I’m sure I’ll be busy looking at colleges, although I already know which one I want to go to.  I can already see myself painting and organizing my dorm room, while my mom sanitizes  every thing like she did in my brothers dorm room, saying something like “I know what goes on in these dorm rooms!” LOL that’s my mom, always looking out for us.

It’s been a really great year. I go to a small private school in Spring Hill, Florida.  It’s more like one big family. I’ve been going to the same school since I was three. So I’ve literally grown up with my classmates. It will be hard to leave them next year.  Here’s another picture form 2009. Every year the entire school, yes, that’s the entire school, gets together and sings Christmas Carols.  It’s a lot of fun!

2009 Christmas Carols
2009 Christmas Carols

This year we went on a trip to the Brooksville Army Airfield where we got to see and sit in a Black Hawk Helicopter. It was so cool.  I’m going to miss these trips with my friends. The more a think about it, my mom really is right these are the “good old days.”

Every year our school puts on a performance we call Friday Night Live. It’s obviously our schools version of Saturday Night Live. All of the kids either write skits or find them on the internet. We perform them at a theater for our families and the community. It’s one of the highlights of the year that we all look forward to. Every kid in the school takes part. Even the preschool kids. My school goes from preschool to High School.  Did I mention that most of the High School kids dual enroll in Community College and most if not all graduate with the their Associates Degree?  It’s really a great school and I know how lucky I am to go there and how hard my mom works to pay my tuition.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from Friday Night Live.

Friday Night Live
Friday Night Live


Okay, well, I’m going to wrap this up for now. I’ll be back before the school year ends.

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Ten Years from Now….

Ten years. Ten years is a long time. A lot can happen in ten years. Where do I see myself in ten years? Well, if I am not dead from extreme air ballooning, bull riding, or World War III has not started, I see myself living a successful life.


I am happily married possibly with a child or two, and maybe a third one on the way. We have a large amount of animals, all varying in species. A cat, even though I am allergic, but who does not like cats; a dog, loyal and faithful; a bird, possibly a cockatoo like I had when I was younger; and a ferret, because they are just so lanky and adorable.


I hope that one day I will travel the world so I can experience everything from different walks of life. I would really like to travel and see the world and its people. I want to help people from my perspective. In ten years, I can imagine that I will be a good traveler who goes from one country to another. I want to see people and their cultures, their lives and behaviors. I want to be a man who sees things on real not just on TVs and radios.


I can see myself, in ten years, owning my own business and living comfortably. My business will be based on software development. Everyone will get along nicely because we will all work as a team. The business will be large and have multiple offices worldwide that create different types of software for everyone.


Hopefully I will continue to have strong and lasting relationships with my friends. I want to keep meaningful relationships so that they do not wither away and I lose contact with all of my close friends. In the end, I just want to live a happy life.


Necessarily being successful does not mean being rich or having a big business. Being successful is doing what makes you happy and that is what I see myself doing in ten years, being happy.

Actions Over Words

We have many sayings in the American culture. One of them is, ” Your walk talks and your talk talks but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.” What this means is that your actions speak louder than your words. You can say something but when it comes down to it, what you do says more that what you really say.

You actions do speak louder than your words. You can offer someone who is qualified for an important position the chance to be promoted but if you turn your back on them to promote the person who has better looks, you are going back on your word. Going back on your word shows people that they can not trust you and it makes you a less respectable person.

People are more impressed with our sincerity if we act on our beliefs than if we merely talk about them. Acting on your words show that you are trustworthy and that you can not be driven away from your objective. It shows that you are a strong and willing leader. In politics, you can say that when you are elected into office that the people will have what you offered and promised them. If you do not follow up on what you say, the people will not support you anymore and will vote for another candidate who is running.

Actions speak louder than words. Your words weigh more than your actions. You can say that you are sorry over and over again, but until you change your actions and prove it, your words have no meaning. If you trip a friend and hurt them badly only saying that you are sorry may not sound like you really are, they may not believe you. You have to show that you are sorry by helping them up and asking them if they are okay.

“You can not build a reputation on what you are going to do.” This is a quote by Henry Ford stating that to build a reputation you can not promise something and then blow it off

A Difference In Experience


All things have a certain difficulty and challenge to them, be it mowing your overgrown lawn or running a large, powerful business. “All things are difficult before they are easy.” This is a simple, almost self-explanatory, phrase.

Everything is difficult when you first start doing it. Things get easier over time. When you first start working for a job, you may have little knowledge of how to perform that specific job. If you get hired at McDonald’s you are more than likely going to have no idea how to work the cash register or any of the fancy equipment in the back. An instructor is assigned to you and shows you how to perform all of these jobs, or the specific job you are assigned to. At first these jobs will be hard and confusing for you. However, as time passes and you become more accustomed to your job, it will become much easier to understand and perform.

When a job becomes easier for you to perform you are on your way to mastering that job. When you master that job you will know about every little secret and the most efficient way to get that job done. With more knowledge of the job, it gets much easier to perform. You waste less time while improving the product or service you are offering.

A blacksmith is more likely to be hired over his competitors if he has mastered his trade and knows how to create what is demanded by his customers faster than his competition. A beginning blacksmith is less likely to get hired because he has less experience and might botch his work. A master blacksmith has experience and has secrets on his trade over the beginner.

All things are difficult before they are easy because of the difference in experience. A job is more difficult when you have less knowledge and experience and easier when you do have these things.

Life-Changing Knowledge

Throughout this school year, I have learned a great many things about topics that are life-changing. We have discussed topics from politics and issues in the American communities to work ethics and thinking ahead into the near future. All of these important topics are very helpful and provide knowledge in the world today, but which of these is the most life-changing piece of knowledge.
Talking about politics gives us the insight we need to decide and vote for the leaders and big game changers of the United States. With the next American president about to be voted into position, talking about politics allows us to learn more about these candidates and how they plan to protect, run, and serve the country. It also helps us realize what kind of world our generation is going to be living in.
Discussing the issues in American communities helps us to build awareness for the everyday problems that some unlucky people face. One topic discussed was the water issue in Flint, Michigan where the water was reported have incredibly large amounts of lead and diseases. We went over how this issue came to be and ideas on how the crisis could have been averted or could be stopped.
Reviewing our work ethics and planning ahead for the future seems to set some of the other students minds straight. Learning about a good, efficient work ethic is key to understanding the concepts and material presented in an educational environment. Without the understanding of a viable work ethic, many students will fall off and not only their grades will suffer but also their futures. Without thinking about your future, you can ruin the rest of your life in high school by not performing at your highest levels.
However, even though we had gone over and discussed all of these topics and issues, the most important life-changing knowledge I had gained this year was being able to put all of this information together. Being able to use all of this information will prove to be one of the most useful pieces of knowledge because it can be used everywhere. The ability to process and reuse the information I learned throughout this year will allow me to participate in conversations and improve upon similar knowledge later in life.

American Patriotism

It seems that these days Americans have become less patriotic. Americans are defecating on the United States of America’s national flag, supporting and joining terrorist groups, and they are destroying traditional values that our forefathers had created for us.

Patriot’s Day is in remembrance of the victory in the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. People today do not think twice about the freedoms and rights that our ancestors fought so hard for. We should celebrate this day in honor of those who fought and died for the freedom and independence that we have today. We should thank those who are currently serving in the military and overseas fighting in wars.

Constitution Day, or Citizenship Day, is the day that the United States of America adopted the United States Constitution. The constitution was mainly written by James Madison, one of our founding fathers. We celebrate this day in remembrance of the birth of our government.

Americans need to remember why the United States of America is so great and how it came to be that way. We can not tell our children or grandchildren about the history of our amazing country if not a single person remembers the history of it. Who will tell them that our ancestors fought off their oppressors and turned a large piece of land into a worldly powerhouse.

If the American people are no longer patriotic, there will be no reason for the United States of America to fight for others because there would be nobody fighting for them. The United States has enemies but the American people should not be rattled by the scrapes and bruises that they give us and be able to dust the dirt off of our shoulders. We need to celebrate these important patriotic days to preserve the American freedom and the American dream.