Throughout this school year, I have learned a great many things about topics that are life-changing. We have discussed topics from politics and issues in the American communities to work ethics and thinking ahead into the near future. All of these important topics are very helpful and provide knowledge in the world today, but which of these is the most life-changing piece of knowledge.
Talking about politics gives us the insight we need to decide and vote for the leaders and big game changers of the United States. With the next American president about to be voted into position, talking about politics allows us to learn more about these candidates and how they plan to protect, run, and serve the country. It also helps us realize what kind of world our generation is going to be living in.
Discussing the issues in American communities helps us to build awareness for the everyday problems that some unlucky people face. One topic discussed was the water issue in Flint, Michigan where the water was reported have incredibly large amounts of lead and diseases. We went over how this issue came to be and ideas on how the crisis could have been averted or could be stopped.
Reviewing our work ethics and planning ahead for the future seems to set some of the other students minds straight. Learning about a good, efficient work ethic is key to understanding the concepts and material presented in an educational environment. Without the understanding of a viable work ethic, many students will fall off and not only their grades will suffer but also their futures. Without thinking about your future, you can ruin the rest of your life in high school by not performing at your highest levels.
However, even though we had gone over and discussed all of these topics and issues, the most important life-changing knowledge I had gained this year was being able to put all of this information together. Being able to use all of this information will prove to be one of the most useful pieces of knowledge because it can be used everywhere. The ability to process and reuse the information I learned throughout this year will allow me to participate in conversations and improve upon similar knowledge later in life.