Ten years. Ten years is a long time. A lot can happen in ten years. Where do I see myself in ten years? Well, if I am not dead from extreme air ballooning, bull riding, or World War III has not started, I see myself living a successful life.


I am happily married possibly with a child or two, and maybe a third one on the way. We have a large amount of animals, all varying in species. A cat, even though I am allergic, but who does not like cats; a dog, loyal and faithful; a bird, possibly a cockatoo like I had when I was younger; and a ferret, because they are just so lanky and adorable.


I hope that one day I will travel the world so I can experience everything from different walks of life. I would really like to travel and see the world and its people. I want to help people from my perspective. In ten years, I can imagine that I will be a good traveler who goes from one country to another. I want to see people and their cultures, their lives and behaviors. I want to be a man who sees things on real not just on TVs and radios.


I can see myself, in ten years, owning my own business and living comfortably. My business will be based on software development. Everyone will get along nicely because we will all work as a team. The business will be large and have multiple offices worldwide that create different types of software for everyone.


Hopefully I will continue to have strong and lasting relationships with my friends. I want to keep meaningful relationships so that they do not wither away and I lose contact with all of my close friends. In the end, I just want to live a happy life.


Necessarily being successful does not mean being rich or having a big business. Being successful is doing what makes you happy and that is what I see myself doing in ten years, being happy.